Comprehensive Moon Phases Assessment - Revised (CMPA-R)


The CMPA-R is a 31 question, multiple choice assessment that is available for free for students enrolled in the World MOON Project.  The assessment is administered online and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. The test is optional, but it is recommended that teachers administer the CMPA-R as a pre- and post-test.  It is highly recommended that students take the pre-test prior to starting observations so that teachers can identify areas of weakness and track growth.  Teachers receive a detailed report of the pre-test results after the observation phase ends.


The 31-item test is composed of five sub-sections that test students’ understanding of:
1.    Lunar observations and associated vocabulary.
2.    Causes of lunar phases and eclipses.
3.    Lunar phases from a global perspective.
4.    Lunar motion.
5.    Earth-Moon-Sun sizes and distances between the three objects.


Students’ identities remain confidential throughout this test and the entire MOON Project.